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Do I need to insure my equipment, and how can this be done without the serial number or certificate?

For a mini-tractor, you need at least third-party liability insurance.

To insure your equipment, the insurance company will only need the name and description of the mini excavator. Insurance policies do not cover damage which occurs when the equipment is not used in compliance with the terms and conditions. The manufacturer’s insurance policy does not cover damage occurred as a result of your own personal use of the equipment.

Can Chargeur Plus machines be driven on the road?

Our machines are not approved to be driven on the road. You will need a vehicle registration document with a French certificate of conformity from an association such as DEKRA.

What is the compulsory routine servicing?

The machines need to be lubricated pretty much every time they are used. You also need to check the oil levels regularly. It is important to make sure screws and pins are correctly tightened so that parts of the machine do not fall off or get damaged.

Please refer to the user manual for your machine.

Watch a video here about how to correctly lubricate your machine: click here

The engine stalls every time my machine moves, what should I do?

If the engine stalls, your security valve is not correctly adjusted. Refer to the product assembly manual and follow the instructions.

How do I purge the hydraulic system?

The machines purge themselves automatically. You just need to start the engine and use the controls, after going back and forth 2 or 3 times, the circuit has automatically filled itself up and you can check the levels again. It is possible that a small amount of oil is dripping from the cap, this is not a problem. Once the level is normalised, this will stop.

Is the equipment CE approved?

The machines built are covered by the CE directive (2006/42/CE) and are provided with a certificate and CE plate (from 28/02/17).

What needs to be done prior to the first use, which oil should I use?

Make sure you check the following:
-engine oil/multiplier (thermal - 15W40/multiplier - 15W40 or transmission)
-the hydraulic oil level (hydraulic oil HV 46)
-lubrication of pins
-check connectors and screws are correctly tightened

Where can we test Chargeur + machines?

Our machines are displayed at our stockists (see the map of stockists).

Download user's manual

Instructions of user's manual Sauterelle - MP-72-800-S: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Libellule - MPT-72-800-S / MPT-72-1200-P / MPT-72-1200-P+: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Cigale - MP-82-1500-S: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Sphinx - MPT-82-1500-S / MPT-82-1500-P / MPT-82-1500-P+: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Pelle retro 1200

Instructions of user's manual Pelle retro 1500: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Dumper: DP-72 / DP-82: click here for download

Instructions of user's manual Criquet: MC-72 / MC-82: click here for download

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